Telephone Number: (403) 370.5753

To bridge the gap between need and resources in the Alberta rescue community by providing financial and volunteer resources, thereby allowing these charities to expand their impact on the community and helping more animals in need.

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Four Feet Companion Foundation

Reg. Charity #83688 0641 RR0001

Phone: (403) 370.5753


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We want to answer your questions! Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions. If there is anything else we can answer for you, please reach out to us through our CONTACT US page.

What is Four Feet Companion Foundation?

FFCF is a registered charity, comprised of animal loving volunteers, who want to make our community a better place for pets and people. We support local animal charities through financial grants, supply donations, and volunteer support.

Our focus is on emergency situations and special projects such as spay/neauter initiatives, with a goal of expanding the impact these charities have on the community. We aid all companion animals; dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and potbelly pigs!

Which Charities Have You Supported?

We have approved and granted to over 17 organizations, including:

Fort McMurray SPCA, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), Bear Valley Rescue, MEOW Foundation, Pets For Life Society,Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force, Cochrane Humane, Red Deer SPCA Society, Pitbulls for Life, Underdogs Rescue, Persian Dreams and Canine Themes, Zoe's Animal Rescue, R.A.S.T.A., Tails to Tell Rescue, Tails of Help, Pound Rescue, and the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society.

How Do You Raise Money?

We raise money through individual donations, corporate sponsorship and various fundraisers that take place throughout the year.

How Does Granting Work?

Animal welfare organizations that are in need of funding will complete and submit the grant application located on our website. They must be a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency, adhere to our grant criteria, operate in Alberta, and complete a two-step application process that details how the funds will be used. We conduct thorough follow-ups on our funded projects, requiring updates and supporting expenditures.

What Have You Accomplished?

Since inception (September 2012), Four Feet Companion Foundation has awarded almost $170,000 in grant funds to local animal charities; supporting them in extraneous emergency situations such as puppy mill closures, as well as for special projects like spay and neuter clinics.

We have also donated over $5,000 worth of supplies and have helped thousands of animals. Our grants range depending on the need, with a maximum of $5,000 granted per application, with the exception of special circumstances, such as the Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Fund.

Why Should I Give To Four Feet Instead of a Rescue Charity Directly?

By focusing on emergency situations and special projects, we ensure each dollar has the greatest impact.

We do research and follow-up to ensure your donation dollars go to reputable, responsible and accountable charities.

We also provide tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency rules and regulations.