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Grant Application Information and Procedure 

Grant Award Timeline: Our two granting periods are in April and October. Deadlines for applications are March 31st- September 30th.

Emergency Granting: After January 1st, applications for Emergency funding can be made at any time and are not limited to the above grant timeline. Early submission is appreciated and encouraged to allow adequate time to review your application and ensure that all required information has been included. Incomplete applications may not be considered for funding. Applicants must be a registered charity. 

Application: Please complete Part One of our grant application. Once submitted, we will review it, and if it meets our guidelines for granting, we will email Part B to you to complete the application process. 

Part One - click here

Grant Awards and Community Support


April 2013 Grant
Four Feet Companion Foundation is pleased to announce their first grant in 2013 has been awarded to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew for their "AARCS Emergency Medical Care Program".  Congratulations AARCS!

Kick off Grant
First grant given to the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force to purchase surgical instrument sets.

Community Support
Listed below are a few other ways we have been able to provide support in the animal community.

• Provide much needed dog beds, harnesses, toys, leashes and other supplies for rescues

• Purchase ID tags for the animals a rescue’s care

• Provide dog and cat food to rescues in need

• Provide surgical supplies for spay/neuter clinics

• Provide transport costs for bulk food collection

Four Feet Companion Foundation have given at least one grant, and/or supplies to AARCS (2), Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force, Bear Valley Rescue (2), R.A.S.T.A., Pets for Life Society (2), Tails of Help, Tails to Tell Rescue, (2) Zoe's Animal Rescue, Pound Rescue, MEOW Foundation, for a total of almost 40K, and hundreds of animals helped.

The Four Feet Companion Foundation was established in 2012

Purpose: The Foundation is interested in financially supporting medical aid, projects and activities of local animal charities. Priority areas of interest are spay/neuter programs, adoption programs, and emergency veterinary medical care that falls outside the realm of a rescue's normal intake commitments.

Funding Interests: Animal Protection and Animal Welfare

Granting Region: Calgary and surrounding area

Types of Support: The Foundation will consider applications from rescues with respect to emergency veterinary medical and physical care in extenuating circumstances (for example: breeding mill closures, hoarding and animal abuse situations and situations that fall outside a rescue's normal intake commitments where a rescue may not otherwise be able to help due to financial restrictions),  as well as applications for special projects such as spay/neuter programs, low income medical assistance, adoption programs and public education programs. *Please note that funding for routine vet care, accident or illness for animals already in rescue is not a type of support we can provide at this time.

Grant Award Timeline: Our two granting periods are in April and October. Deadlines for applications are March 31st and September 30th. Emergency Granting: Applications for emergency funding may be made at any time. 

Funding Restrictions: Grants will not be made for routine vet care, including emergencies for animals already in rescue, marketing, capital funds, building funds, start up funds, emergency funds, computers and technology, conferences or seminars, deficit financing, endowment funds, matching funds, fellowships, scholarships or bursaries, seed money, or to individuals. FFCF can only provide grants to organizations with charitable registration status.