Our Mission & Vision

What We Do

We support registered charities devoted to companion animals by providing grants & support for extraneous emergency situations and special projects that improve animal welfare through a local, tangible, and meaningful impact.

Our Vision
  • A community in which no companion animal suffers.

Our Mission
  • To bridge the gap between need and resources in the Alberta rescue community by providing financial and volunteer resources, thereby allowing these charities to expand their impact on the community.

 Our Core Values (PAWS)
  • Passion
    • We are dedicated to perform at our best and continually strive to make a greater impact in the lives of companion animals.

  • Accountability
    • We take personal and organizational responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, companion animals.

  • Welfare
    • We respect and value each other, fostering a productive and collaborative community that works together in the bests interests of the greater organization and companion animals.

  • Strength
    • We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour; we never compromise our reputation and always act as the voice of companion animals.


Who We Are

Four Feet Companion Foundation empowers animal lovers and local organizations to create a better life for companion animals.   We give financial grants and volunteer support to registered local animal charities so they can continue to rescue, save lives, find forever homes for companion animals in Alberta, and promote responsible pet guardianship.  Our priority areas of funding are for homeless, abandoned or injured animals, spay/neuter initiatives, emergencies and education.

We are a registered charity (# 83688 0641 RR0001), established in September 2012, Calgary, Alberta.  Four Feet is 100 percent volunteer-run, with approximately 20 active volunteers who have decades of experience in the local animal rescue community.  We raise funds through events, donations and corporate sponsorship.

Our dream is to end animal suffering.

Our work is to support animal charities

Our goal is that one day, we won’t have to.

More about Four Feet Companion Foundation

We’re not just about dogs and cats, but advocate for all companion animals.  We have awarded over $28,000 so far in 2016, and since we began in October 2012, a grand total to over $125,000 and 5K in supplies.  This money has helped over 1000 animals; including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and even potbelly pigs.  Some of the outstanding organizations we’ve awarded grants to include: MEOW Foundation, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), Rescue and Sanctuary for Threatened Animals (R.A.S.T.A.), Bear Valley Rescue, Zoe's Animal Rescue, Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force and about 10 other various charities.

Applying charities must follow a two-step application process before funds are granted, including detailed information on how the funds will be used, and in depth follow up.   With Four Feet, you know your donation is going to registered charities who comply with our strict granting standards and practice accountable, reliable and humane practices in animal welfare.

 Four Feet is the perfect charity for animal lovers and organizations who want to help animal rescue but can’t foster, adopt, or may not know where to start.  We put your entrusted donation to work, making sure it goes where it’s most needed in the community.