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Information About Our Grants

General Grant Information

Our two special projects granting periods are in April and October. Deadlines for all applications are March 31 and September 30.
Please note: Special project grants are limited to one per year per registered charity.

Grants for emergency funding can be made at any time and are not limited to the above grant timeline.

Early submission is appreciated and encouraged to allow adequate time to review your application and ensure that all required information has been included. Incomplete applications may not be considered for funding. Applicants must be a Canadian registered charity.

Application Process

Please complete and submit Part A and B of the grant application. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed if it meets our criteria and specific granting guidelines.

Funding Restrictions

Grants will not be made for routine vet care, including emergencies for animals already in rescue, marketing, capital funds, building funds, start-up funds, emergency funds, computers and technology, conferences or seminars, deficit financing, endowment funds, matching funds, fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, seed money, or to individuals. Four Feet Companion Foundation can only provide grants to organizations with charitable registration status.

Community Support

We have been able to provide support to the animal community in a few other ways. We have provided much needed dog beds, harnesses, toys, leashes, dog food, cat food and other supplies for rescues. We have also purchased ID tags for animals in rescue care and provided surgical supplies for spay/neuter clinics.

Stories About Our Past Grants

Close up photo of brown and white horse head with pasture in the background

Bear Valley Rescue Society

Write up by Bear Valley: We had the exciting opportunity this fall to make a difference in the lives of horses and people by gelding a large number of colts/stallions in a herd located on Big Horn First Nation. These young stallions were fighting among themselves and presenting a danger to the mares and foals, in addition to breeding the mares and creating an overpopulation problem.

We presented the idea of gelding all the males to our vet, Dr. Erickson, Pets For Life and Four Feet Companion Foundation (for funding assistance). Once we started it went very well. Most of the horses were not difficult to sort and handle. There were a couple of the horses that were a bit more difficult and required some reformatting of the corral/chute system in order to get them sedated. We had figured on maybe 8 or 9 gelded, but actually got 10 done! Thank you Four Feet Companion Foundation and Pets For Life for helping us make a difference!

Photo of brown and white kitten standing in a space under a fallen wooden beam

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

This grant was to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and their Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in southern Alberta. 2016 was a transition year for AARCS as they were focused on the rescued animals in their care and moving their shelter and opening a vet clinic. Four Feet Companion Foundation assisted with this grant to allow them to continue to maintain this very important program of TNR during this transition time. AARCS gets numerous calls for help with feral cat populations and because of Four Feet Companion Foundation’s support they were able to fix, vaccinate, deworm and provide medical care for 47 cats during this time.

In all cases they are able to bring kittens and sick animals into their adoption program and TNR the remaining population. Needless suffering and the over population of cats in our province was drastically reduced and this was all accomplished at a reasonable cost, allowing our grant dollars to go further.

Close up photo of black and brown dog in outdoor cage

Cochrane & Area Humane Society

This was a transport fund. The funds were used solely for transportation costs for picking up animals in need from approved rural rescues and areas. Numerous trips were taken to ensure timely pick ups of animals, as many animals requiring our help needed immediate medical attention. The Cochrane and Area Humane Society worked with partner organizations so that animals were spayed and neutered, as well as with medical care and adoption services.

In total, Four Feet Companion Foundation support helped transport 374 animals to shelters from rural communities over a 7 month period. The animals entering their care received necessary medical care, training and the opportunity to be adopted to their forever homes. 275 dogs, 89 cats and 1 rabbit!